Basingstoke Constituency Labour Party (CLP) operates an All Members structure where members and affiliated supporters attend monthly All Member Meetings (AMMs). Member meetings are the primary decision making body of the CLP.

An elected Executive Committee (EC) makes the day-to-day operational and administrative decisions, and report to the Annual General Meeting (AGM) and AMMs.

As well as an Executive Committee, the CLP can elect CLP Coordinators to take the lead on particular areas of interest to help the CLP undertake important jobs or connect with the wider community. For example: business liaison, assistant secretary, membership engagement, fundraising, etc. These coordinators are not members of the Executive Committee but work closely with them sharing their expertise and knowledge.

The Executive Committee is made up of the elected *Executive Officers, Branch Secretaries, the Assistant Womans Co-ordinator and the IT and Data Lead. All are full members with voting rights.

From time to time other people may be invited to come along to Executive Committee meetings as attendees but these people do not have full member voting rights.

*At least 50% of Executive officer posts should be held by women.

The Executive Committee

Executive Officers (at least 50% must be women )

Kim Taylor Chair:  Job description  Email
Chairs EC and Member meetings, co-ordinates strategic development of the CLP.

Michael Howard-Sorrell Secretary:  Job Description   Email   
Supports EC and Member meetings with agendas and minutes, acts as contact point for CLP correspondence.

Andrew McCormick Treasurer:  Job Description Email
Manages CLP finances, keeps accounts

Clifford Fowler Vice-Chair :  Job Description  
Assists in coordinating election campaign activities, acts in absence of Chair.

Larissa Buckley Membership Secretary (Vice Chair):  Job Description  Email
Works with officers to develop member engagement, acts in absence of Chair.

Casper Sims Policy Officer:  Job Description  Email
This is a brand new role. Encourages local party members and supporters to participate and play a full and active part in policy making.

Paula Wibrew Women’s Officer:  Job Description    Email
Chairs Women’s Forum. Works to increase the involvement of women in all aspects of the constituency

Sinead Grover Youth Officer: Job Description
Represents young members (age 26 & under) at a local level and takes the lead on making sure the local party engages with key issues and campaigns that are important to young voters. It is a fantastic opportunity to meet new people and have fun, rewarding experiences – and the role plays such an important part in the local party and community.

Shibaji Shresthra and Sajish Tom BAME Officer (job share): Job Description
Engaging with and representing the views of Black, Asian and Ethnic Minority voters is hugely important to the Labour Party – to ensure the views of these communities are not only listened to, but are reflected in Labour’s policy making. BAME Officers are at the forefront of this, ensuring that people’s views are heard, and BAME people feel welcomed and empowered in the party.

Rebekah Luff LGBT Officer: Job Description  Email
The local representative of LGBT members within the CLP, works to ensure that LGBT members are fully involved in the work of the local party. They also take a leading role in making sure that the campaigning work of the constituency reaches out and engages with LGBT voters in the community.

Martin Heath and Emma Sheffield Communications & Social Media Officer (Job Share) Job Description
This is a brand new role elected to for the first time in the 2018 AGM. Provides communication materials, including social media, to support campaigns and events. Takes the lead on Labour’s National Campaign Days and works with other officers to provide newsletters, content for the website and other communications to members, supporters and the general public.

Karl Stewart Trade Union Liaison Officer:    Job Description
TULO Officers work with other CLP Officers to involve local trade unions and union members in the Party’s structures and campaigns in order to grow the joint campaigning capacity of the local Party and affiliated trade unions – whether that’s electoral campaigning or raising the profile of issues that affect workers at a local level.

Other full Members of the Executive Committee (no gender balance applies):

Natasha Carr IT & Data Lead   Email
The roleholder is principally responsible for maintaining and progressing the CLP’s use of technology to ensure our continued electoral success and enhance communications with the public (and where practicable, also assisting in maintaining the website).

Stephanie Grant Assistant Women’s Co-ordinator
Works with the Women’s Officer to arrange women forum meetings to help increase the participation of women within the CLP (as campaigners, activists, councillor candidates and policy makers, for example).

Branch Secretaries Genevieve Dady (NW Branch)

Other non-voting attendees of the Executive Committee:

(Ex officio) Labour Group Observer: Mike Westbrook

(Ex officio) Local Elections Procedures Secretary: Natasha Carr

CLP Functional Officers (not members of the Executive Committee but play a part in developing key areas locally):

Business Liaison Lead: Samir Chekini
Labour members own or run small businesses, work in medium and large sized companies and hold senior management positions throughout the business community. A key responsibility is to work with the Trade Union Liaison Officer to promote the partnership between government, business and the trade unions – building relationships, feeding into policy forums on business issues and helping to develop pro-business policies for the next manifesto. Labour is the Party of business!

Student Lead: Alex Stuart
Represents younger members (age 19 & under) at a local level and takes the lead on making sure the local party engages with key issues and campaigns that are important to young voters and students. It is a fantastic opportunity to meet new people and have fun, rewarding experiences – and the role plays such an important part in the local party and community.

Auditors: Tony Jones and Larissa Buckley

The role of the Auditor is to inspect the CLPs annual statement of accounts prepared by the Treasurer before they are approved by the General Meeting of the CLP. The Treasurer produces an annual Statement of Accounts every year. This has to be approved by a general meeting in the first quarter of the following year and forwarded to Labour’s Governance and Legal Unit by 30 April. So the work of an auditor is time-limited (1 to 2 hours) and mostly occurs in February. Auditors are not members of the Executive Committee.


Executive Committee Vacancies – these posts may be filled throughout the year at elections during meetings. Click to apply

Executive Officer vacancies – gender balance rules apply so all of the Executive Officer posts below must be filled by women

Disability Officer (Job Share available): Job Description
The key representative of disabled members within the CLP, works to ensure that disabled members are fully involved in the work of the local party. They also take a leading role in making sure that the campaigning work of the constituency reaches out, engages with and includes disabled voters.

Political Education Officer:      Job Description
Works to provide members and supporters with a programme of political education events and activities throughout the year. These may be coordinated with fundraising activities or have a purely educational purpose – to increase the political awareness or skills and capacity of CLP members and affiliated supporters. 

Other CLP Functional Officers  – vacancies exist for all the following posts Click to apply

Full job specifications are available for most of these roles – If you can’t find it on the Labour website here, contact the Secretary for a copy.

Assistant Secretary
Works with the Secretary and executive officers primarily on administration issues (helping to arrange EC and AMMs, taking minutes, making room bookings, liaising with speakers). As this is a new post, it will develop throughout the course of the year.

Assistant Membership Secretary
Works primarily with the Vice Chair (Membership) to increase members participation and engagement for meetings, events etc.

Fundraising Lead: 
Working closely with the Treasurer and other Executive Committee members, works to grow the fundraising capacity of the CLP, to ensure that the CLP has a fighting fund to contest local elections and the next General Election and that it can participate fully in the Party’s democratic decision making (eg, sending delegates to Party Conference each September).

Assistant Campaign Coordinator
Assists the EC/Campaign Committee in all aspects of campaigning.

Community Engagement Lead: 
This role is key developing relationships with local communities to ensure a smooth exchange of information and support, making sure that the CLP is embedded within its communities and that our campaigns are built with the needs of the communities in which we live in mind. These communities could include churches, youth organisations, local associations and volunteer groups.


Other volunteering opportunities

Ward Officers Click to apply
Not quite ready for and elected post? Why not volunteer to help out in a less official capacity.

Ward officers help out the campaign team and Labour councillors to ensure that each ward is a campaign fighting force in local elections, by-elections and so that we’re campaign ready in the event of a General Election. Make the job as small or as big as you like.



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